Aggelos Mouzakitis

Growth Product Manager at Growth Sandwich

  • Product-led growth
  • Customer-led growth
  • User research
  • Jobs-to-be-done

Expert Credentials

Experienced Growth Product Manager, ambassador of Jobs-to-be-done and Customer-Led Growth.


Happy to share insights around Jobs-to-be-done, Customer-Led Growth loops and Product-led Growth and especially around the following challenges:
- Inconsistent or non-existent growth.
- Low return on investment of the team's efforts and marketing spend
- Ambiguity and disorganization in what feature should be prioritized and which ideas are actually good or not.
- Team signs of burnout and disappointment because results are not coming as expected.
- Ambiguity around the Ideal Customer Profile
- Feature prioritization and activation
- Product-led and Customer-led Go-to-Market problems

Available For

  • Summit Speaker
  • Podcast Guests
  • Training